How to buy mutton during a lockdown

When I got up last Wednesday morning, I came to the realization that the world was no longer out there. If I’d opened the door, I would’ve been welcomed into a world with no one to welcome me. The three days I spent without sleep had been working with a steady discipline to get myContinue reading “How to buy mutton during a lockdown”

Dhanalakshmi Fancy Stores

On a train to Mysore from an undisclosed location a blue trunk was misplaced. Perima did not know it yet but that event marked the beginning of her life-long widowhood.  Ekambaram was a tall Army-man with high cheekbones. Everyone in Amma’s family adored him for his manliness except Aaya who was put off by hisContinue reading “Dhanalakshmi Fancy Stores”

Big Rumble in Little Kitchen

When the Mysore palace was accidentally burnt to the ground during the 1886 Dasara celebration, the then Maharaja, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV commissioned some white man to rebuild it for him. The white man outsourced labour from Vellore and stationed them near the brick factory. This later turned into a town called Ittige Gudu, literally “brickContinue reading “Big Rumble in Little Kitchen”